Perseverance is being strong and being happy about your work.If you believe you can do something do it.If you feel stuck you can do it And if someone says you can’t do it just say I can do it with perseverance.If you say this work is too hard it’s not you can do it.Perseverance is one of the key things in your life.Believe in yourself feel like you can do things you can do it.

100 word challenge

I have a Giraffe and he is pink and fluffy and he is called Jeff. One day he went to a concert and he loved the singing,. It was Ed Sheeran .One day he invited his friends over to his house and he sang to them , his dog called Dusty barked. His friends parents were here in the car. He didn’t want them to leave so they had a sleepover. That night they watched Transformers and they stayed up late and it was painful. Jeff loved having his friends over but he sometimes felt like he didn’t always fit in.