my favourite book.

my favourite book is a weirdo 7 the reason why I like weirdo 7 is because it’s interesting and it’s quite and  short to read. They have nice pages and really good illustration but to be fair I like all the weirdo books but I like weirdo 7 the best .If you are looking through a short good and a really good Illustrated book weirdo 7 is the book to read.Mega Weird! (WeirDo #7) by Anh Do

what I would want to do in my holidays.

I would want to go to Brisbane because all of the nice hotels in all of the nice restaurants and it’s nice to walk around that night because all the lights. there is a nice ice cream shop that I like to go to my favourite flavour is vanilla with sprinkles and my other favourite thing is to go to the amusement parks there is something called a wet and wild and I love being wet that’s what I would want to do if I had the to do something in the holidays.

Term 1 review 

Term 1 review 

Term one has been amazing. I have been more involved with the class activities.This term I have done writing very well I feel like I’m improving and putting more detail into my work.

Math I feel like I’m starting to understand math a lot more with all the tools we have.

Reading. We have done a lot of stuff in reading and I feel like it’s starting to help me with speed reading Speed reading is when you put your finger on the words and you move it along as you read. Even though we started it  this week I feel like it’s starting to Improve my reading.

This term I feel more on task and I will Carry this on through the terms.

cool facts about me

  1. I can smash my head into a wall and it won’t hurt.
  2. I get told off more than 3 times a day.
  3. I can make my eyes twitter.
  4. I can shove my whole hand into a cup.
  5. I speak 20000 words a day.
  6. I never eat breakfast.
  7. The only meal I have a day is dinner -I have stuff for lunch but I’m not hungry.
  8. my dream car is a Tesla Model x.
  9. I can read a book and still not understand it.
  10. everyday I have a positive attitude.

Growth mindset

People believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.It good example of how I work in class.I have developed a growth mindset by not giving up when it gets hard.

In 2021.

In 2021 I’m looking forward to moving. I will miss Duntroon Because I’ve made so many Memories.I’m looking forward to the danseys pass trail ride . Yeah I am also excited for Year 7 and 8 Ski camp . I hope we don’t go into lockdown again.

That was summer.

Remember that time you jumped off the plastic inflatable 

And your friend started laughing at you

While you were standing there in pain?

That was summer .


Remember that day when you were on the biscuit 

 and your brother tried to fling you off the hardest he could 

And then looked at you in confusion

 because you didn’t fall off? 

That was summer.


Remember that time when you won the competition 

for colouring in 

And you got a $20 voucher?

That was summer. 

By Billy

Why don’t you believe me?

Why don’t you believe me? She tried to keep a steady grip on the steering wheel as the man asked her “Can I see your ID?” 

She asked why. 

 All she knew was she had to get away as she had a body in the back of her trunk .

The police officer said “I need your ID now”

“I can’t” she said


She pressed her foot on the accelerator and the car boosted away. She was heading straight for the forest which was the only spot where she knew she could dump the body. 


When she got to the forest, she got out of her car and fell onto the ground. She was terrified of what she had got herself into. She knew what she had to do. She would have to dump the body in the forest. The only consolation was  that she knew she had killed someone that she hated. 

After disposing of the body, she hopped back in her car and drove to her house. She  sat on her bed wondering what she will do now. Her husband came and stood right next to her

” Are you ok?” he asked 

But she was furious with him. In her mind she was thinking, I hate you,I want to kill you.She grabbed a knife from the kitchen.She said “COME HERE”…

100 word challenge from last week’s

They come from Bangalore (India) .Money is tight there, they can’t do anything about it. Each hour that they work they get paid  $0.20, all they can afford are curry puffs.They were a family of four, but sadly the dad, he felt really ill. Nobody knew that the mother planned  to kill the father because she had met a rich man to marry. The next meal that the dad had, tasted different. Before he took another bite, he asked his wife, “Did you put anything different in here?” The wife said nothing.  She said “Just keep on eating.”